Services - Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Programs
• Weekly Program
Includes weekly visits to ensure grass is cut and trimmed, lawn and garden is neat and tidy, shrubs and bushes are trimmed and maintained, exterior property is clean and presentable
• Summer Program
Includes everything in the Weekly Program in addition to turning soil in garden beds, mulching, weed control, fertilization, and preparing lawn for the fall/winter

Mowing and Edging Grass
• Mowing, edging, and trimming grass as an upkeep necessary for a healthy looking lawn.

Trimming and Pruning Trees and Hedges
• Maintaining the shape of trees and hedges by trimming for a beautiful consistent look throughout the garden.

• Sowing seeds too strengthen and fix patched areas on the lawn. Seeds are dependent on type of lawn and area as well as the amount of sun and type of soil available.

• Treatment Programs available to ensure strong, healthy, and thick green grass to help naturally fight off weeds.

• The removal of little plugs from the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to enter grass roots more easily. Aeration allows a lawn to breathe and develop stronger roots.

Weed Control and Removal
• Using our environmentally friendly solution will help reduce the growth of weeds. Also, the proper removal of weeds will help prevent faster and future growth.

Insect and Grub Control
• A natural and safe solution to control the infestiation of harmful insects and grubs in gardens and lawns.

Spring/Fall Clean Up
• Clean up and preparation of lawn and garden for and after harsh winters.

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