Services - Stone & Wood Work

• Customized pavement using stones to create an interlock pattern of stones, concrete, or bricks. Perfect for walkways and driveways ideal for both front and backyards.

• Using quality material to construct driveways enhancing the entrance and look to any property.

Fencing and Gates
• Install regular, private, or semi-private fences and gates with only the finest wood that is built to last all year long and withstand wear and tear.

Retaining Walls
• Customized and added to include dimension and uniqueness to any exterior project. Beautifully displays creativity throughout all types of landscape architecture.

• Beautifully planned and constructed patios to complement any size home and backyard. Only created with the finest materials to ensure lifelong quality and safely.

Natural Stone
• For a timeless beautiful look, Greenfield uses only the best natural stone material to create the finest stonework.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association


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