6 benefits of using interlocking stones for your commercial landscaping

6 Benefits of Using Interlocking Stones for Your Commercial Landscaping

As the changing weather uncovers your landscaping, now is a perfect time to consider upgrading the entire space or just a small part of it. 

When upgrading and adding more features, consider the foot traffic volume in certain areas and then take a closer look. If the pathways are beginning to show their age, dulling in colour, or worn away due to daily use, this is a great place to start.

Fortunately, interlocking stones can help create brand-centric awareness, unique designs, and a focal point that will attract people to your business.

What are interlocking stones?

Before we look closer at the benefits of using these unique stones, we should understand what they are. 

Interlocking essentially means that two separate materials come together, connect, and restrict movement. This provides stability and durability. The stones themselves can be made from concrete, granite, brick, or limestone, all of which have a natural beauty. 

When installed, the landscaper will use a variety of eco-friendly materials to lock the stones together instead of mortar. This speeds up the installation time and allows for more flexibility when creating designs.

1. Promote your brand

Interlocking stones are made from versatile materials, which means that they can be coloured and shaped the way you need them to be.

The stones can match your brand colours, helping you subconsciously promote your company to your clients and prospects as they walk up to your doors. This can also help them to feel more at ease as they are exposed to your brand early on. 

2. Durability

Interlocking stones can be used in different settings. Whether it’s for small patio areas in residential settings or professional walkways, you can guide visitors to your business in style.

One thing to consider when choosing a material that will be exposed to a lot of different elements is durability. The materials used to create interlocking stones will stand the test of time and outlast other materials before needing to be replaced. 

When properly maintained, these stones can last upward of 40 years before needing replacement. This will help your brand stand out and outlast the competition.

3. Low maintenance

Regardless of your budget for landscaping and the materials required, you should consider the overall maintenance requirements.

Some materials and landscaping are more costly than others when it comes to day-to-day upkeep. Interlocking stones are one of the least expensive types in this regard as they are so durable.

Since they do not use mortar in their installation, it is easy to repair or replace individual stones instead of the entire area. The interlocking materials also help reduce the risk of weeds and grass growing between the stones. 

The majority of the stones will come pre-sealed, which adds an additional layer of weatherproofing.

4. Time-saving installation

Different paving solutions can take days or weeks to install as you wait for materials to dry or the weather to clear up.

Interlocking stones, however, don’t require foundations to be laid or mortar to dry in order to lock them together.

No chemicals are used when working with joint sand, pavers, and bedding sand, thus reducing your environmental impact. The surface can be walked on immediately, as it doesn’t require curing like asphalt.

A small area can be completed in a day, whereas a larger space may take a little more time. Still, it is vastly quicker to install interlocking stones than other materials.

5. Safety considerations

The Canadian weather is unpredictable at best. However, even in the heaviest rainfalls, these stones are slip-resistant (which is why people often use them around swimming pools in residential settings). 

While care should still be taken, these stones help move water to proper drainage areas by discouraging pooling. As each stone is laid individually, it’s easier to ensure that there are no areas where they are uneven, which reduces water pooling and tripping hazards.

In the harsh winters, the breathable materials that lock the stones prevent the ice and snow melt from building up. This gives an increased durability that even the winter cannot destroy easily.

6. Environmentally friendly

Interlocking stones don’t require the use of harsh chemicals during installation and are mined from local quarries. These factors help reduce your carbon footprint, and the sand in which the stones are locked in place has additional environmental benefits. 

During the transition from winter to spring, we see an increase in rainfall. The sand between the stones is so compact that as the water runs off the stones into the sand, it gets filtered and is, therefore, purer when it reenters the water table than when it falls from the sky. 

This purer water means that flora in the area will be healthier and brighter, soil erosion will be reduced, and no harsh chemicals will enter the soil.

The Landscaping Craftsman

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Mr. Reihani has a Masters degree (M.Sc.) in Agriculture from Arizona State University, and he implements every aspect of his knowledge daily in every landscape he creates.

The core values of Greenfield Landscaping not only extend to providing you with the landscape of your dreams, but also uphold the values of a family-run business, combined with honest and reliable work at the hands of an expert craftsman. 

With so many landscaping and hardscaping options available, it stands to reason that you entrust your property to the craftsman who has the expert skills to elevate it and increase its curb appeal.

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