Why homeowners should invest in sodding

Why Homeowners Should Invest in Sodding

With spring arriving, now is the time to look at the grass in your front and backyards and consider your options.

There are two methods for refreshing your grass: seeding and sodding. Seeding is commonly used on patchy areas that could use a boost. This involves laying down grass seed to fill in these patches and blend in with the existing grass.

However, for larger areas that could use a total rework, sodding is the best choice. This method will allow you to quickly and easily replace all the grass over a large area and still be ready in time for the warmer weather.

What is sod?

You may be aware of sod or grass coming in rolls. This is how it is transported in order to keep the grass in good condition while moving it to your location.

Sod is cultivated in rich soil, typically found in specially engineered grasslands, carefully extracted, and with the roots still intact for transportation. Keeping the root system in place allows for fast placement and continued growth.

With this in mind, recultivating larger areas, especially if you need to cover your whole yard, can help you go from a drab green space to a luscious lawn just in time to enjoy it during nice weather.

Budget Conscious

Sodding is low cost and low maintenance. This allows you to keep the budget under control, and may even allow you to spend more on other areas of your landscaping or put the money towards something else.

Curb Appeal

A well-designed and well-maintained landscape can significantly improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, making it more appealing and inviting to visitors, and a healthy, green lawn is an essential first step.

In addition to looking good, a healthy and properly maintained lawn can also increase the value of your property when it comes time to sell. A beautiful lawn can make a remarkable first impression on potential buyers, which can increase the chances of selling your home quickly and at a higher price.

Easy to Install

As the sod is prepared with the roots still intact, it allows for faster installation. The ground where the sod is to be placed will be prepared ahead of time so that the existing soil has been cleared of weeds and any grass that may be present.

The ground is then aerated to allow for proper drainage and oxygenation. Any uneven areas are also smoothed out so that the new sod looks its best.

Within hours of being laid, the grass will have taken root and begun to assimilate to its new environment and look fuller and greener. It provides an instant landscaping facelift.

Durable and Longer-Lasting

Sod provides a more compact grass texture than typical lawns. This makes it considerably more durable and longer-lasting than other alternatives.

Being so compact, it can withstand high volumes of foot traffic, keeping the area greener and luxurious for longer. It also helps to control soil erosion, creates a stable soil environment, and prevents weeds from growing through.

Sodded areas increase the production of oxygen, therefore, creating cleaner air and also helping to cool the ground where it’s laid. Sodded areas are typically cooler than other areas, as the compact grass and soil regulate the ground’s temperature.

Lower Maintenance

Once installed, the sod will need occasional watering, which can be easily managed if you have a sprinkler system in place. It also only needs occasional mowing.

Most lawns, when laid and refreshed with grass seed, will have some areas growing faster than others. Therefore, mowing needs to be done weekly, if not more consistently. Lawns also heavily rely on fertilizers and other grass foods to grow and strengthen.

Sod removes the need for fertilizers and regular mowing due to the density and consistent growth. This density will also prevent weeds from growing, so you can eliminate the need for harsh weed killers and other chemicals that can damage the grass in the long run.

Promotes a Healthy Ecosystem

Having green areas on any property is good for the environment, but sodded areas provide an added boost by ensuring that the many-faceted areas are catered to and protected.

The natural water table is controlled, and flooding is reduced. This means that the sod promotes healthy and safe water drainage, and even works as a natural filter system with its densely packed grass and roots.

Soil erosion is minimized as the root system helps to stabilize the existing earth. In turn, this also provides a healthy and stable ecosystem for a bio-diverse environment.

Healthy bacteria and other organisms essential to the natural life cycle are preserved. This will attract smaller animals, which will then help the rest of the landscaped ecosystem remain healthy.

The Experts in Landscaping

Greenfield Landscaping was founded in 1997 by the owner and operator Mansoor Reihani. With a degree in Agriculture from Arizona State University, he actively implements this knowledge in every landscape to ensure that only the best is provided to his clients.

With the company’s core values of honest work, reliability, and expert craftsmanship, it is clear to see why so many people are turning to Greenfield Landscaping. We understand the soil requirements in order to provide you with the landscape you envisioned.

Incorporating functionality with curb appeal and stunning designs with low maintenance, Greenfield Landscaping is everything you need in one package.

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